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Our mission is to build functional apartments available for most families in Poland

Thomas Podstawski
CEO, Activ Investment

History of the company

Architect Piotr Podstawski
assumes Activ Investment
Establishment of a social housing association (TBS)
Establishment of specialist engineering firm TBW
Opening of a branch
in Katowice
Opening of a branch
in Wrocław
Tomasz Podstawski
(son of Piotr Podstawski) becomes President of Activ Investment
2014-2015 large purchases of land for investments in Kraków and Katowice
Construction of 1,500 flats at the same time in 7 projects
New round of land purchases
Expansion into new markets in
Warsaw and Łódź

We build for investment funds and  institutional investors

As a developer operating for more than 27 years, we have experience in realising housing investments, constantly looking for new ways of development.
Responding to market needs, we are carrying out a unique project for Zeitgeist Asset Management (a company specialising in development services and asset management for private and institutional investors).

We will build a building, including serviced apartments rented for a short period of time, partly also intended for accommodation of students. The project is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2024, at which time the building will be handed over to the Zeitraum subsidiary, which will be the operator. The project is being built under BREEAM certification. Our company also sticks to the rules of ESG.

Many years of experience, a qualified team, know-how and knowledge of the market and customer needs make us enthusiastic, starting a new chapter in the company's business history.

It is a group of property development companies specialising in the residential market. We are also a general contractor for investments.

ACTIV BANACHA II Sp. z o.o. - Banacha II investment
ACTIV WODNA II sp. z o.o. sp.k. - Wodna II investment
Activ 5 sp. z o.o. sp.k. - Staw Płaszowski Project investment
ACTIV KRAKÓW z o.o. sp.k. - Area Park investment
Activ Mikołowska z o.o. sp.k.- Nova Mikołowska Investment
Rav Propco sp. z o.o. - investment Racławicka Street

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Our partners

To ensure the highest quality of services provided, our team of employees combines a modern way of thinking with rich knowledge. When preparing investment projects, we invite proven, reliable Partners to cooperate with us. We try to understand the needs of our clients, their expectations, opportunities, and then implement them together, which is a guarantee of the success of Activ Investment for 27 years.
The materials presented on ACTIV Investment's website are for reference only and the subject matter of the developer's obligation results from the parties' agreement and the project documentation approved by the competent authority, as well as other documents, i.e. the prospectus and the investment performance standard, and agreements concluded by the parties. Vegetation, furnishings and equipment are only an element of the arrangement. The colours of the presented materials result from the execution documentation (e.g. according to the RAL scale), while the appearance of the visualisation depends on the computer equipment and monitor settings. The planned image of the investment results from the executive documentation.