Ecology and society

At Activ, we understand sustainable development as a process of transformation that benefits both society and the environment

We implement sustainable and innovative solutions in the implementation of our projects

Striving to create housing developments that bring both economic as well as social and environmental value is very important to ensure sustainable and balanced community development and environmental protection.

Environmental factors and social responsibility are key factors that influence the design of our developments.

We invite you to take a look at our ESG report, in which we detail our initiatives and commitment to environmental and social responsibility issues.

We build responsibly

Our priority is to create healthy, functional and comfortable spaces that benefit the environment and the community.

Environmental factors that are particularly important to us include aspects such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting biodiversity, sustainable use of natural resources and minimizing environmental impact.

Designing residential developments that take these factors into account can bring many environmental benefits, such as improved air quality, as well as reduced waste and energy consumption.

We are developing the infrastructure

We care about the comfort of the residents of our developments, so we are designing retail and service units on the first floors of the buildings, which contribute to the development of the neighborhood's infrastructure.

We provide convenient transportation for residents

One of the main factors in choosing the location of our investments is access to public transportation, which must take no more than a few minutes to reach.

We are creating places for recreation and relaxation

We want our estates to be resident-friendly. We pay attention to make the common areas green and pleasant, abundant in greenery and landscaping elements.


Tangible evidence of our commitment to sustainable practices is the BREEAM certificates awarded to our newly constructed buildings.

We care about safety

We ensure safety at work during the construction of our developments by adhering to all standards, which is our priority.

We are developing road infrastructure

We are turning gravel roads, small streets without sidewalk leading to our developments into safe, comfortable streets with lighting and sidewalks.

Activ for the planet

At the beginning of 2022, we decided to cooperate with One Tree Planted. This is a non-profit environmental charity dedicated to planting trees in countries around the world. Their goal is to restore forests, create habitat for biodiversity and make a positive social impact around the world.

As a developer of real estate projects, we know how important it is to take care of the environment and strike a balance between building housing for people and taking care of nature. So we decided to contribute $5 to plant trees, for every apartment built, to help protect the environment and support the restoration of the world's forests.

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We build for investment funds to BREEAM standard

We have experience working with investment funds.
We are currently developing a unique project for Zeitgeist Asset Management (a company specializing in development services and asset management for private and institutional investors).

The project on Raclawicka Street in Krakow will include a building with serviced apartments rented on a short-term basis, as well as units for student accommodation. The project is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2024. At that time, the building will be handed over to the Zeitraum subsidiary, which will be the operator. The project is being built under BREEAM certification. 

With many years of experience, a qualified team, know-how and knowledge of the market and customers' needs, we are enthusiastically starting a new chapter in the company's history.

We have been creating living spaces for thousands of people for 27 years. This obliges us to conduct our business in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Thomas Podstawski
CEO, Activ Investment

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