An excellent investment in a prestigious location in Warsaw! Private natural lake is unique within Warsaw market. It gives a rare and great opportunity to build a 5 high-endresidency/residencies with an access to a quiet, beautifulprivate lake - living in a capital city while having a pieceof own natural oasis.

Basic information about the project:

  • Location: Bażancia Street, Warsaw
  • Total area: 15.705 m²
  • Land available for residentialdevelopment: 3.873 m²
  • Building height allowed: 10m above theground (2-3 floors)
  • 2 plots with a natural lake (private) -Krzewiny

Location advantages:

  • The plot is located 14 km from thecenter of Warsaw in a quiet andprestigious area.
  • The plot is located 750 m from Pulawska Street, which is one of themain arteries of Warsaw, leadingto the city center.
  • Access to thecenter of Warsaw is from 16 to 30minutes.
  • The biggest advantages of thelocation are the direct vicinity ofthe Klodzki Pond and the proximityof the Kabaty Forest of over 900hectares.
  • In close proximity there areschools, kindergartens, stores,shopping malls. Everything that isnecessary for a comfortable life.
  • Within a radius of 2 km there are: Piaseczno Shopping Center withAUCHAN market and LIDLsupermarket and AUCHAN

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