As a developer operating for over 26 years, we have experience in realising housing investments, while constantly looking for new development paths. Thanks to cooperation with the Zeitgeist Asset Management fund, we have the opportunity to expand the scope of our activities and create a unique project at ul. Racławicka in Kraków.

Responding to the contemporary housing needs of Poles, we established cooperation with the Zeitgeist Asset Management Fund in the field of investment implementation at ul. Racławicka. The eight-storey building with an underground garage will be divided into 2 parts. In the first part, 182 serviced apartments (approx. 6222 m²) are designed. In the second part of the building there are 249 rooms for students (about 4650 m²). Upon completion, the investment will be placed under the management of Zeitraum, which will be its operator.

Many years of experience, a qualified team, know-how and knowledge of the market and customer needs make us enthusiastic, starting a new chapter in the company's business history.
The construction of the investment began in the second quarter of 2022.