Sale of our two investment was completed successfully at ul. Wodna in Kraków. Wodna 34 and Wodna II are small investments located in the heart of Płaszów. All the apartments in the buildings were sold long before the construction was completed.

Płaszów offers its residents many attractions. The proximity of the Bagry Lagoon, which is one of the favourite bathing areas in Krakow, numerous bicycle paths and the Płaszowski Pond, which is now revitalized, make it a very attractive and popular area of Krakow.

Right there, in the area of ul. Wodna II (with 40 flats) and Wodna 34 (with 65 flats) investments are created. These are intimate buildings with modern architecture and spacious and bright apartments. The apartments on the ground floor will have green gardens, while those on the upper floors will have large balconies. For residents, parking spaces are provided in both garages and above-ground car parks.

We are pleased to inform you that all the apartments were sold before the construction was completed.
Currently, the sale offer includes the last implemented investment Staw Płaszowski, also located at ul. Wodna