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12 PAŹ

Houses and Flats Fair in Krakow

Another edition of the Krakow Houses and Flats Fair will take place during the following weekend of 16-17 October. Please feel invited to visit our stand!

11 PAŹ

The construction of the “Banacha II” Housing Estate has just started

The construction of the 2. stage of the “Banacha” Housing Estate in the Cracow district of Prądnik Biały started in early October.

09 PAŹ

Flats under the MDM programme for 2018

Book your flat under the MDM programme for 2018 in the “Karoliny II” Housing Estate.

Investments in sales

  • Krakow, Konopnicka City Park
    Konopnicka City Park
  • Katowice, Katowice | Osiedle Karoliny
    Katowice | Osiedle Karoliny
  • Krakow, Mogliska Apartments
    Mogliska Apartments
  • Krakow, Banacha
  • Wroclaw, Wroclaw | Skarbowców II
    Wroclaw | Skarbowców II
  • Katowice, Katowice | Four Towers
    Katowice | Four Towers
  • Krakow,

Why us?

  • Activ Investment is an experienced developer you can trust.

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Who are we?

  • Active Investment is a developer from Krakow, operating on the real property market since 1996. We specialise in residential buildings, offering comprehensive, modern flats. Soon, we will celebrate our 20th anniversary. We have successfully completed 20 developments in that time. There are plans for more.

What do we do?

We offer a wide choice of flats corresponding to the needs and requirements of Customers.

Activ Investment Sp. z o.o.

  • Krakow


    Ul. Lipińskiego 3A
    30-349 Krakow

  • Wroclaw


    ul. Skarbowców 85a
    53-025 Wroclaw
    Telefon: 71 337 25 55

  • Katowice


    Ul. Chorzowska 216
    40-121 Katowice

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