In the heart of southeastern Gliwice, we are building a unique investment! It's a cozy housing estate that not only captivates with modern architecture and well-thought-out apartment layouts but also boasts an excellent location, creating the perfect place to live for every family.

Despite being in the early stages of construction, we can proudly announce that 50% of the apartments in the Area Park estate have already found their happy owners. This is an extraordinary achievement that speaks to the attractiveness and popularity of this area of Gliwice.

What sets the Area Park estate apart?

Area Park is located in an excellent location on Dolna Street, directly connected to Kujawska Street, one of the main arteries of Gliwice. Thanks to the proximity of bus stops and access to important transportation routes, reaching the city center takes just a few minutes.

What distinguishes the Area Park estate from the competition is the absence of vehicular traffic within the estate. This means that children can safely run, ride bicycles, and enjoy fresh air without safety concerns.

One of the key elements of the Area Park investment is green energy. Thanks to the use of photovoltaic panels within the estate, residents can enjoy lower rents, all thanks to harnessing solar energy to illuminate corridors, staircases, and power elevators. This is not only an environmentally friendly approach but also real savings in every resident's wallet.

The Area Park estate is also an excellent opportunity for investors. Well-thought-out apartment layouts are ideal for short- and long-term rentals. An additional advantage is the proximity to the Arena Gliwice and the Silesian University of Technology, attracting students as well as sports and entertainment enthusiasts.

Area Park is more than just an investment. It is a place where dreams of comfortable and stylish living in one of the most beautiful cities in Poland come true. Don't wait; join the ranks of happy Area Park residents today!