Braniborska 44 in an international competition

The design and construction of Braniborska 44 received an honorable mention in the 2021 Façade of the Year competition and...

2021 Façade Competition

The Baumit Façade of the Year competition for 15 years, each year chooses and appreciates the best construction projects, on...

Braniborska 44 - a new investment in Wrocław

At the beginning of February, the new Activ Investment investment, located just 1.2 km from the Wrocław Market Square, was...
The materials presented on ACTIV Investment's website are for reference only and the subject matter of the developer's obligation results from the parties' agreement and the project documentation approved by the competent authority, as well as other documents, i.e. the prospectus and the investment performance standard, and agreements concluded by the parties. Vegetation, furnishings and equipment are only an element of the arrangement. The colours of the presented materials result from the execution documentation (e.g. according to the RAL scale), while the appearance of the visualisation depends on the computer equipment and monitor settings. The planned image of the investment results from the executive documentation.