We have completed the sale of apartments in Stage I of the Staw Płaszowski project in Kraków 🎉.

The Staw Płaszowski project (stage I) is an intimate 3-story building with 49 apartments with areas ranging from 31 to 68 m². With its style and color scheme, it refers to the previous two buildings (Wodna 34 and Wodna II) and fully fits into the character of this area of Krakow.

A major advantage, which has been particularly appreciated by future residents, is the location by the Płaszowski Pond, which this year is celebrating the opening of a park along the shoreline. Its creation is the realization of the "I love Płaszowski Pond" civic budget project, which won the citywide project vote in 2020.

The official completion of construction is scheduled for the third quarter of 2023.

In Q3 2023, construction of the second stage will begin.

In our offer in the Płaszów area, 1 commercial unit of 52 m² in the Wodna II building remains.