Why buy an apartment this year?

Is it worth buying an apartment this year? In January, nearly 20% fewer apartments were under construction than a year ago. Also, building permits were issued 34% less than in the same period in 2022. Are we facing a housing shortage? Will this affect housing prices? It is likely. Fewer apartments on the market and overlapping with the government's "2% Safe Credit" program, which is sure to pay off with increased demand for apartments, may soon make the choice of apartments severely limited.

Government's "2% Safe Credit" program from July 3, 2023

For whom?

A preferential loan with a subsidy (2% loan), will be available to a person up to the age of 45, who does not have and has not had an apartment, house or cooperative right to an apartment or house. In the case of a married couple or parents of at least one common child, the age condition will have to be met by at least one of them. The subsidy will be available for 10 years.*

Loan amount
The maximum amount of credit that can be obtained by one person is 500 thousand zlotys. In the case of a married couple or parents with a child, the maximum loan amount is 600 thousand zlotys.

Choose an apartment in Area Park and wait for a 2% loan with a government subsidy

Choose your dream apartment in the Area Park development. Sign the developer's contract by paying the first installment of the price of the apartment with a guaranteed refund in case of withdrawal from the contract (due to failure to obtain a loan).

We will give you time to check your creditworthiness and the possibility of obtaining government support. If it turns out that there are problems with financing, you will have the right to withdraw from the contract without contractual penalties.

Check out the available apartments in the Area Park development!

*source: https://www.gov.pl/