Do you dream of having your own apartment or house, but wonder if you can afford it financially? Since July 3, 2023, the government has launched the Secure Loan 2% program, which opens the doors to fulfilling your dreams of having your own place. Let's take a closer look at what this program is all about and why it can be a beneficial solution.

Who can benefit from the Secure Loan 2% program?

The program is available to individuals who are under 45 years old and do not own their own residential property. If a married couple is applying for the loan, it's sufficient for one of them to meet these criteria. In other words, if you are married and one of you is under 45 and doesn't own a property, you can jointly participate in the program.

Can a foreigner who lives and works in Poland qualify for the 2% Loan?

Yes, to qualify, they must have a permanent place of residence in Poland (and establish a household there), possess a PESEL number, a valid residence card and passport, and income that the bank can accept. In addition, according to the law, the 2% Safe Loan can only be granted in the Polish currency, meaning that foreigners who earn most of their income in PLN and thus pay taxes in Poland can apply for it.

What is the maximum amount of the Secure Loan 2%?

Under the program, you can obtain a mortgage loan with a maximum value of up to 500,000 PLN. However, if married couples or families with children are applying, the maximum loan amount increases to 600,000 PLN.

What types of properties can you purchase under the program?

The answer is simple: you can use the 2% Loan to buy both apartments and houses. It doesn't matter whether the property is from the primary or secondary market. This means you have a wide selection and can search for a property that best suits your needs.

What does the loan subsidy mean?

The main aim of this loan program is to provide beneficiaries with favorable repayment conditions. What does this mean in practice? The subsidy covers the difference between the fixed interest rate and the guaranteed 2% interest rate. In practical terms, this means that for the first 10 years of loan repayment, program beneficiaries pay lower interest rates than standard rates.

Is the program for people looking to rent out properties?

Unfortunately, the program is only available to those who want to purchase properties for their own use. It is not possible to use it for buying properties intended for renting out.

Which banks offer the Secure Loan 2% program?

It's important to note that not all banks immediately introduced this new product to the market. Some will join the program later, but you can already take advantage of the Secure Loan 2% in selected financial institutions. According to information available on the BGK website, here is a list of banks offering this loan as of its launch:

  • Alior Bank S.A.
  • Bank BPS and Cooperative Banks of the BPS Association
  • Bank Ochrony Środowiska (Environmental Protection Bank)
  • Bank PEKAO S.A.
  • Cooperative Bank of Rzemiosło in Krakow
  • Cooperative Bank in Brodnica
  • Krakowski Cooperative Bank in Krakow
  • mBank
  • PKO Bank Polski S.A.
  • SGB-Bank S.A.
  • VeloBank S.A.

This means you have a wide range of banks to choose from to make the most of the Secure Loan 2% program.

Loan repayment after 10 years - what changes?

After a decade of repaying the loan with the advantageous 2% interest rate, monthly installments may increase. The exact amount of the new installments depends on various factors, such as current interest rates and the amount of capital you have already repaid. It's wise to be prepared for this change and consider options like extending the loan term if necessary.

Can you benefit from the Secure Loan 2% program without your own contribution?

Yes, if you don't have funds for a down payment, you can combine the Secure Loan 2% program with the "Housing Without Your Own Contribution" program. This means that a lack of personal capital is not an obstacle to taking advantage of a mortgage loan on favorable terms.

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