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Our investments

from 13 900 zł/m2
Pałuków Street
from 8000 zł/m2
Area Park
Dolna Street
from 13 800 zł/m2
Staw Płaszowski II
Wodna Street

Trusted developer for 27 years

Activ Investment is a family-owned company that has been operating on the real estate market since 1996. We focus our development activities mainly in southern Poland, where we are strengthening our position annually mainly due to the implementation of new investments and growing trust of our customers.

We make sure that our investments are conducted in a solid manner and in high standards. Our quality is confirmed by membership in the Polish Association of Developer Companies, which obliges members to comply with the Code of Good Practice, which regulates mutual rights and obligations in the customer-developer relationship. Activ Investment is a trusted partner on the market, which is confirmed by thousands of satisfied customers.

Places to live

We choose the location of our investments with great care. Kraków, Wrocław, Katowice are cities with huge economic and cultural potential, which play a very important role on the map of the entire Poland. Our goal is to build apartments in places with excellent communication, in the vicinity of green areas and all the amenities of urban life.


Functionality and comfort of apartments is the most important requirement for our designers. Suggested solutions are supported by many years of experience, which ensures that the space is designed in an optimal and comfortable way. We make sure that the layout of the rooms allows for freedom of interior design and adaptation of the premises to the individual needs of the residents.

Our completed investments

Nova Mikołowska
Strzelecka Street
1 residential building, 187 apartments
Year of construction: 2022
Wodna 34
ul. Wodna
1 residential building, 65 apartments
Year of construction: 2023
Staw Płaszowski
ul. Wodna
1 residential building, 49 apartments
Year of construction: 2024
Mogilska Apartments
Mogilska Street
4 residential buildings, 305 apartments
Year of construction: 2021
Braniborska 44
Braniborska Street
2 residential buildings, 319 apartments
Year of construction: 2021
Wadowicka Apartments
Rydlówka Street
4 residential buildings, 196 apartments
Year of construction: 2020
Wodna Street/ II
Rydlówka Street
1 residential building, 40apartments
Year of construction: 2023
Konopnicka City Park
M. Konopnickiej Street
2 residential buildings, 349 apartments
Year of construction: 2018
Banacha I
Banacha Street
3 residential buildings, 239 apartments
Year of construction: 2018
Świętokrzyska Street
1 residential building, 126 apartments
Year of construction: 2013
4 Towers
Chorzowska Street
4 residential buildings, 528 apartments
Year of construction: 2017
Krzywoustego II
Krzywoustego Street
2 residential buildings, 209 apartments
Year of construction: 2010
Skarbowców I-II
ul. Skarbowców
2 residential buildings, 100 apartments
Year of construction: 2017
Osiedle Karoliny
ul. Karoliny
5 residential buildings, 261 apartments
Year of construction: 2018
Wodna I-II
Wodna Street
2 residential buildings, 106 apartments
Years of construction: 2009 - 2012
Malwowa Street
ul. Wodna
3 residential buildings, 85 apartments
Year of construction: 2002 - 2006
Okulickiego I - IX
Okulickiego Street
9 residential buildings, 1023 apartments
Year of construction: 2015

Our mission is to build functional apartments available for most families in Poland



Construction of the Staw Płaszowski II project in Kraków has begun. Already 50% of apartments sold!

Construction of a new investment in Krakow has begun! Płaszowski Pond II, the latest project on Wodna Street, is the...

Staw Płaszowski II - New investment in Kraków

Rozpoczęła się sprzedaż kolejnej inwestycji w Krakowie! Staw Płaszowski II to czwarta i ostatnia inwestycja realizowana przy ulicy Wodnej. W...

Completion of the sale of building A in the Area Park development in Gliwice

We are very pleased to announce the completion of the sale of building A in our "Area Park" development, located...
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