We are pleased to announce the start of preparations for the construction of our new ŚwiatoVida project in Warsaw. The first stage is to move the trees to a safe place so that they do not interfere with the construction.

We can officially announce that seven mature oak trees have already found a new place! It's extremely important for us to carry out our plans with respect for the surrounding nature, so we went into this process with full commitment, taking care of every detail.

The trees were moved about 200-300 meters away, to a safe and properly prepared place. Our company emphasizes environmental protection, so moving these trees is not only a duty for us, but also a privilege.

We believe that our investment will not only be a new space for living, working and relaxing, but also harmoniously coexisting with nature. We thank everyone for their support and involvement in this process. Soon we will be able to share with you more photos from the realization of the ŚwiatoVida investment!