Very good news for future residents of the investment at ul. Wodna in Krakow!
"Next week, the area on the Płaszów Pond will be fenced and works related to its development will begin," the Municipal Greenery Board announces.

This is the implementation of the civic budget project "I Love Pond Płaszowski", which in 2020 won in the vote for city-wide projects. Its aim was to implement the land development project on the pond, which had been developed in 2017.
Last year, the Municipal Greenery Board cleaned the bottom and shoreline on fragments of the reservoir. Now, however, the right work begins.

– The area will be tidied up while emphasizing landscape values, so as to allow the greatest possible comfort of its use. As part of the investment, pedestrian alleys will be made, trees and shrubs will be planted, observation and recreational terraces will be created, directing the viewer's attention to the landscape values of the area – we read on Facebook ZZM.

– This is a very pro-natural project – comments Piotr Kempf, director of ZZM. – The new path will allow you to go around the part of the pond that is owned by the city, regardless of the weather. In addition, there are natural points to observe birds and a bit of small architecture. We would like Pond Płaszowski not to take over the character of Bagry. Bagry have become a relaxing and busy place, also in accordance with the will of the residents expressed in the civic budget. However, the point here is to make it a place of silence, with an emphasis on nature – he says.